• 15 Facts About That You Probably Didn’t Know


    The one activity we all like to think we’re experts in but will spend most of our lives still seeking confirmation of that fact. In my opinion, the foundation of a good lay is almost always confidence and knowledge is confidence – therefore consider these 15 lesser known facts a gift to your “love” life. 

    Failing that, just enjoy reading them because who doesn’t love reading about/talking about/hearing about/having it?

    1. In 2 weeks, one man can make enough sperm to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet


    2. Wearing socks in bed can increase your chance of climaxing 


    3. Sleeping on your stomach increases the chance of having steamy dreams – so faces down, bottoms up people


    4. On average, men burn more calories than women do during intercourse – so perhaps you need to switch those positions up a little?


    5. It’s fairly well-known that asparagus is an aphrodisiac but did you know that pumpkin is too? Ever found yourself extra frisky around Halloween?




    6. 1% of women can orgasm from breast stimulation


    7. Half of all internet purchases are sex-related…to be a fly on the wall of the internet search history bar


    8. The term G-spot was first coined by Professor Beverly Whipple (hands up who automatically thinks of nipple), she very nearly called it the ‘whipple tickle’


    9. Due to increased blood flow, noses engorge during intercourse


    10. 50% of men aren’t happy with the size of their D, while 85% of women are satisfied with their partners size. So guys, don’t sweat it just wet it




    11. Where most women experience some kind of colour change in their lady bits during pregnancy, for some, that change is permanent


    12. Sperm can live on in a woman’s body for up to 9 days – little troopers


    13. According to a leading website, the states topping the charts for BDSM searches are Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia and Oregon


    14. The female clitoris is twice as sensitive as the penis, with 8,000 nerve fibres compared to a guys 4,000


    15. Both men and women have difficulty peeing after and this is due to an anti-diuretic chemical the body releases during


    So there you have it, take this knowledge forward with you into the bedroom and enjoy it. You can thank me later. Something else you probably didn’t know is that smarter people stay up later, get laid more often and take more drugs; don’t blame it on me, blame it on science.



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  • The Spice Girls of Ethiopia

    The Spice Girls of Ethiopia

    by Joline Faujour

    Yegna, pronounced Yen-ya, means “ours” in Amharic – the official language of Ethiopia. Yegna is also an all-girl Ethiopian pop-music band. There are five girls with five different personalities… does this sound a bit familiar? These girls are basically the Spice Girls of Ethiopia, but better.


    While I believe there is a whole lot of superficiality in the Spice Girls, they did push through boundaries and empowered women and girls everywhere. Read this piece on how the Spice Girls were good role models. I mean, my 6 year old self was obsessed for a reason...and now my present self is obsessed with this Yegna band!


    The five girls of Yegna

    Sara, on the left (real name: Eyerusalem Kelemwork) is known as the “smart and studious one”.

    Mimi, on the right (real name: Lemlem Haile Michael) is known as the “tough and street-smart, but caring one”.

    ‘Baby’ Melat, on the left, (real name: Teref Kassahun) is known as the “cute, fun princess”.

    Lemlem, on the right, (real name: Rachel Getu) is known as the “caring and maternal one”.


    Emuye, (real name: Zebiba Girma) is the vivacious music-lover.

    Bands are great because with each member having a different persona, they can reach out to a whole slew of people and expand their audience. I can’t tell you how many arguments I had with my friends over which Spice Girl was cooler, but nevertheless we all liked the Spice Girls as a group–because they cannot be one without the other.

    But, onto women and girls empowerment, this was Yegna’s main purpose for forming together. In the video above, they mention these stats:

    - 1 in 3 Ethiopian girls can't read.

    - 1 in 3 don't even get to go to school.

    - 1 in 5 say they don't have a single friend.

    - 2 out of 3 women believe that wife-beating is justified.

    The band produces, edits and stars in a bi-weekly radio drama and talk show for young women, addressing the stats above and many much needed-to-be-talked-about topics such as forced marriage, sexual harassment, self-confidence, the importance of education, etc. They reach 5 million people with this radio show alone. They make a huge impact in a lot of girls’ lives.


    Girl Hub Controversy

    Yegna formed together in April, 2013 as a part of the internationally funded Girl Hub that also operates in Nigeria and Rwanda. As I was doing research on this band, I came across this article which basically criticized Girl Hub and suggested the money the band receives from Girl Hub is too much. Now, here are my thoughts on this. If that crapload of money, yes it is a crapload, is being put towards empowerment and peace for underprivileged women and girls, then I’m absolutely, unequivocally, completely okay with that.  


    Empowerment, but also more

    Yegna isn’t just about women and girls’ empowerment, men and boys also seem to love this band, and that is so great. I call on all global citizens to check out their music. While you may not speak Amharic, their melodic voices are great to listen to, and you can read the English translated lyrics to read why it is so empowering!






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