• Ethiopia appoints new cabinet members, ministers

    Ethiopia appoints new cabinet members, ministers

    (EBC; November 1, 2016)- Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has presented new cabinet members and ministers to the parliament, and the parliament has approved the newly appointed ministers and cabinet members.

    Accordingly, the newly appointed ministers are as follows:
    1. Dr. Workineh Gebayehu Foreign Minister
    2. Mr. Tagesse Chafo Public Service and Human Resource Minister
    3. Dr. Abraham Tekasta Finance and economic cooperation minister 
    4. Dr. Bekele Muladu Trade Minister
    5. Prof. Fikadu Beyene Animal and Fish Resource minister
    6. Dr. Eyasu Abraha Agriculture and Natural Resource Minister
    7. Dr. Eng. Getahun Makuria Science and Technology Minister
    8. Mr. Ahmed Shide Transport Minister
    9. Dr. Ambachaw Mekonnen Urban Development
    10. Eng. Ayisha Mohammed Construction Minister
    11. Dr. Eng. Sileshi Bekele Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister
    12. Mr. Motuma Mekassa Mineral, Petroleum and Natural gas 
    13. Dr. Gemado Dale Environment forest and climate change 
    14. Dr. Shiferaw T/mariam Education Minister
    15. Prof. Yifru Birhana Health Minister
    16. Dr. Girma Amante Government Development Organizations Minister
    17. Dr. Hirut W/mariam Culture and Tourism Minister
    18. Mrs. Demitu Hambisa Women and children Minister
    19. Mr. Ristu Yirdaw Youth and Sport Minister
    20. Mr. Kebede Chane Customs and Revenue Authority
    21. Dr. Negari Lencho Government Communication Affairs Office Minister
    According to the Prime Minister, ministers in the remaining ministries will stay in their previous posts.
    Accordingly, cabinet members who will remain in their previous posts:
    1. Demeke Mekonnen Deputy Prime Minister 
    2. Siraj Fegessa – Minister of Defense
    3. Kassa Tekleberhan- Minister of Federal Affairs and Pastoral Area Development
    4. Dr Debretsion Gebremichael –Minister of Communication and Information Technology
    5. Ahmed Abitew – Minister of Industry
    6. Getachew Ambaye- Attorney General
    7. Abdulfetah Abdulah - Minister of Labor and Social Affairs
    8. Dr Yinager Dese- Commissioner of National Planning Commission
    9. Asmelash Woldesilasie – House Chief Whip with the Rank of Minister


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  • US concerns about the current protests in Ethiopia

    Hello. We have been closely following your comments and reactions over the past few days and we recognize both your anger and frustration. At the same time, it means a lot to us that you see this page as a place where you can express yourselves freely and recognize that much of the frustration we see comes from the high expectations you hold for the United States. We believe in the value of freedom of expression, even when it is used to criticize. The dialogue we have with you is important for addressing misunderstandings and building trust on both sides and we hope you will continue to share your views with us as constructively as possible.

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  • The suspect of bombings at Brussels airport has been arrested

    A key suspect in the attacks in Brussels has been arrested, Belgian media say, quoting judicial sources.


    Najim Laachraoui, thought to be the man on the right in a CCTV image taken before the Zaventem airport attack, was detained in the Anderlecht area.


    Two of the other attackers have been named in Belgian media as the brothers Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui.


    Twin explosions at the airport and another at a metro station on Tuesday left about 34 dead and 250 wounded.


    There has been no official confirmation of the latest arrest or the identity of any of the attackers.

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